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World's Biggest Engines
  • 10.03.2024
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Giant machines are powered by the biggest engines ever made! They will blow your mind! Some of these engines are larger than multi-story buildings and power the largest trucks and vehicles you will ever see. We look at machines from companies like Caterpillar, Union Pacific Railroad, Boeing, MySE, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and Wärtsilä. Have you ever seen any of these in real life? In this episode of Xplained we take a look at the biggest machines ever created.
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Extreme Dangerous Idiots Excavator Operator Skills - Fastest Climbing Excavator Machines Driving 2022 channel that show all Machinery Works: - The Heavy Equipment Operator Excavator in Deep Mud, Heavy Recovery and Fails - Climbing High The Top Down Cutting Down Giant Trees - Agriculture Equipment and Machines - Cutting Down Trees with Long Chainsaw, Sawmill - Excavators, Bulldozers, Backhoe Loaders, Skid-Steer Loaders, Motor Graders, Crawler Loaders, Trenchers, Scrapers, Common Dump

John Coley Mule Hitch
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Baling Hay With Horses
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Funniest Farm Animals
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Farmers Use Farming Machines You've Never Seen - Incredible Ingenious Agriculture Inventions ▶2
  • 13.01.2024
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Today, many farmers use machines developed with technology. Technology and agricultural equipment are constantly evolving, which saves time and money for farmers. Also, some farmers use ingeniously invented old machines. In this video, we are talking about both useful and practical agricultural machine inventions. You may not have seen some of these machines before

Fed up French farmers spray manure on government buildings in protest
  • 13.01.2024
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Farmers in Dijon, France have staged a massive gathering of up to 80 tractors that saw them dumb and spray multiple Regional Council buildings with manure. The farmers have been protesting increased diesel prices, higher taxes, climate policies and agricultural policies. Those leading the protests are The National Federation of Agricultural Holders’ Unions (FNSEA) and Young Farmers, or Jeunes Agriculteurs (JA), headed by Arnaud Rousseau and Arnaud Gaillot. Farmers have been protesting against the government since November. Farmers in the southern Tarn departments in France began turning road signs upside down, this protest would then spread all over the country. In Quimper, France protesters would also spray government buildings with manure.

10 Biggest and Powerful Tractors in the World
  • 13.01.2024
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The largest and powerful tractors used for different types of heavy duty the biggest tractors at work in agriculture industry with diferent farm equipment different tractor types and tractors models, new tractors as john deere tractors, new holland tractors or case tractors the biggest tractor in the world and other tractors working, weighing more than 20 tons and having more than 600 horsepower, big tractors used to tow heavy loads in different types of agricultural work.

Fence Line Feeder
  • 23.12.2023
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